Gerber Bouncer UV Flashlight 22-80133

Gerber Bouncer UV Flashlight 22-80133
Gerber Bouncer UV Flashlight 22-80133 Gerber Bouncer UV Flashlight 22-80133 product video
This item has been discontinued. Please choose from our other Gerber Tools.

Gerber Bouncer UV Flashlight 22-80133 Description:

The Gerber Bouncer UV Flashlight was designed to help with the inspection of documents like U.S. currency, passports, and id cards. This ultraviolet flashlight has four LED bulbs, two of which are calibrated for currency and two that are calibrated for id cards. Turn the light on and shine it behind a $100 bill and you will easily see the security strip. No more holding the money up in the light while straining your eyes to see the strip. Shine the UV light on id cards and the security seal will be easily visible. The Gerber Bouncer is made of type III anodized aluminum that is resistant to scratches. On the back of the body is a cool switch that you push to turn the light on and off. The switch lends itself to easy operation because you can simply hit the light on your leg or a counter top to turn it on and off. Do not worry about the flashlight getting wet either because it is completely water tight. The Gerber Bouncer flashlight is perfect for jobs like convenience store clerks, night club bouncers, and security clearance officers.

Gerber 22-80133 Technical Specs:
  • Lightsource Type: L.E.D.
  • Output Colors: White ultraviolet
  • Body Material: Type III anodized Aluminum
  • UPC Code: 013658801332
  • Valid Gerber part number: 22-80133
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