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Gerber Tools, Gerber Knives engraving and embroidery

Engraving and embroidery available at Personalize your order with your name or company logo. Examples of our engraving and embroidery here.

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Personalize your Gerber knives and tools with laser engraving and embroidery. Laser engraving and embroidery is great for groomsmen, company awards, and personal gifts. There is no job to small. There is no job too big either. If you have a big embroidery or engraving job, WE WANT IT!

We have a laser engravers and embroidery machines on site - Adding laser engraving or embroidery is essentially no delay to your order.
  1. Select "Add laser Engraving" and/or "Add Embroidered Sheath"
  2. At the bottom of the order form is a text box for you to specify what to engrave/embroider on your Gerber tools.
  3. Provide any special instructions in the text box. We accomodate most requests.
Engraving images and company logos is no problem. Call us at 800.458.1606 or email , and we'll get it done.

We welcome 3rd party jobs. Even if you are a competitor, if you have a job you need help on we are here!

Laser engraving frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Q: Can I give you a .jpg or gif of what I want engraved?
    A: Yes you can. That's what we are here for. Give us your artwork in any format and we'll get it done for you. If there are any problems with your artwork we'll be sure to let you know. Please note that logo setup fees apply for low quantity orders.

  • Q: How many characters can you engrave on one line?
    A: Typically about 33 characters per line, but remember the more characters per line the smaller the engraving. The engraving swath of our laser is about 3 inches wide. There is no setup fee for text engravings.

  • Q: What fonts can you engrave in?
    A: Pretty much anything. If we don't have the font you want we'll try to download it off one of the many free font sites on the internet. If you want a specialized font that costs money let us know, and we can arrange this as well.

Embroidery frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Q: Can I give you a .jpg or gif of what I want embroidered?
    A: Yes you can. The artwork will need to be simple in design and typically no more than 3 or 4 colors. You can see by the examples below the logos look really good when they are not complex. Please note that logo setup fees apply for low quantity orders.

  • Q: How many characters can you embroider on one line?
    A: About 8 characters per line. While our embroidery swath is about 18 inches, the typical knife sheath has only about 2 inches of available space to embroider. If we try to bunch a whole lot of letters onto one line it starts not looking good. The only acception to this would be for items like the Gerber LMF sheaths, where we are able to engrave more than 2 inches on the leg straps. There are no setup fees for text embroidery.

  • Q: What fonts can you embroider?
    A: We have about a hundred or so different fonts available for the embroidery machine. The embroider machine takes special fonts so we are not able to download them straight from the internet. We typically break our fonts into two categories, script and block. If you need to have a specific font then what we would do is put the font into a graphics program and put it into an image. This would give us the ability to make the product look exactly how you want it.

Here are examples of our engraving and embroidery work in action:

company logo embroidery on a Gerber sheath

A typical day of engraving at

This customer wanted his name engraved on his knife blade

Gerber Prodigy with Laser Engraving
Gerber Prodigy with Laser Engraving (click to enlarge)

Gerber sheath with custom embroidery
Gerber sheaths with logo embroidery (click to enlarge)

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started on your laser engraving or embroidery project!

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