Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074

Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074

Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074
Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074 Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074 Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074 Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074 Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074 
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Gerber Center-Drive Multitool with sheath and bit set 31-003074 Description:

The Gerber Center-Drive model 31-003074 is one of those multitool releases that changes the rules. The Center-Drive has awesome features that other mulitools could only wish for. The absolute best thing about this multitool is the screwdriver with exchangeable heads. This screwdriver has a curvature to it that eliminates that sort of lop-sided feel when loosening or tighting screws. Since the screwdriver is aligned right into the middle of the tool the operation of it is smooth. The next cool feature is the opening style of the Gerber Center-Drive. You can deploy its plier head with either the flick of the wrist of the push of a thumb! The knife blade deploys from the outside of the tool, thus giving it a 30% longer length. We think that you will be totally amazed by the Gerber Center-Drive and see exactly what we are talking about when we say this multitool is a game changer. This Gerber model 31-003074 comes with a black sheath and a 12 piece bit set, thus extending the possible uses for your Center-Drive. The tools within this multitool are: Spring-loaded needle nose pliers, standard pliers, rotatable carbide wire cutters, wire stripper, 3.25 inch fine edge blade, magnetic center axis bit driver, pry bar, nail puller, bottle opener, serrated blade, awl, fine and course file, magnetic flathead bit, magnetic Philllips bit, lanyard hole, sheath and cm and in ruler. WOW!

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Gerber 31-003074 Technical Specs:
  • includes a 12 bit tool kit
  • curved driver bit eliminates lop-sided driver use
  • opens with the flick of the wrist or push of the thumb
  • Exterior knife blade enables 30% longer length
  • weight: 10oz, 14oz with sheath and bit set
  • UPC Code: 013658148109
  • Valid Gerber part numbers: 31-003074,30-001194

Gerber 31-003074 video transcript:

This is the Gerber Center Drive multi-tool. Its model number is 31-003074. It is a made in USA multi-tool, and it has a lot of great features to it. The reason why I say that is because this multi-tool is a game changer, alright? It has got many of the favorite Gerber features that people have liked over the years and different types of multi tools incorporated into this one. And also this one has a new feature of its own, okay? Rirst of all it has got the flick of the wrist plier head opening that so many people like. A new feature about this one is that it has the one-thumb push button opening. It has got spring-loaded pliers on it. Something else that you guys might like is the exterior knife blade opening. It is mounted on the side of the multi-tool and this knife blade is about 30 percent longer than the typical knives and Gerber multi tools. This feature was something that was found on the gerber freehand. You guys may have remembered it was discontinued a few years back, and that feature is missed! Well, here it is again! The really cool thing about this tool is the center drive. This is a curved driver bit that actually takes the lopsidedness out of driving a screw. So, let me show you. I'm able to drive this bit just like I'm using a regular screwdriver, and I don't get that wobbly effect. It takes to the wobble completely out of it, and this is the coolest feature. I am gonna say this is the best driver that I've ever found in a multi-tool is on this Gerber Center Drive. It is just really easy to use and I really like it. On the inside of the tool you will have another bit here. That is a flathead bit and as you can see the one I have on it is a cross point screwdriver. Those bits just exchange very easily. What else we got in this tool? You got a serrated knife blade, a small pry bar with a bottle opener built into it, next is an awl. That is s one heck of a short point on that one there. Okay, and then next is a file. On one side of the file is a coarse texture. On the other side is a fine texture. So this is what I mean by the Gerber Center Drive. It has got so many of the best features of Gerber built into it that it has all come together in one tool. You want to see some more there is the carbide bits that Gerber recently began adding I would say about the past five years or so. The plier heads - look how they got more steel on them than most of the multi-tool heads. That is a great feature that came from the Gerber Diesel multi-tool, in my opinion. If you guys remember whenever Gerber released the Gerber Diesel it had beefed up plier heads. Where you guys have got the extra strong hands. You got your rubber suspension style spring-loaded opening, you got your freehand knife blade. All these features, these great features in one tool. What is more? This thing comes with a nylon sheath to carry on your belt, and this particular model comes with a 12-piece bit set. This is the Gerber Multiplier center drive model number 31-003074.

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