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  • Charlie Jameson

    Your descriptions of your knives don’t give the dimensions/length of all the blades. I prefer a smaller knife and you don’t say , except to call some of them jr.

    • Thank you for writing. I am sorry that not all of the descriptions show the blade lengths. Can you list me what models you would like the blade length? I’ll stay with you on it until you find exactly what you are looking for. I will also send you a free Gerber Tempo Microlight just to show our appreciation for you posting on our contact page.

      • Charlie Jameson

        Gerber Profile Drop Point 22-01297. ; Gerber Mini Fast Draw 22-41526 & 25-01526, what is the difference between these two numbers. ; Gerber Gator Mate Fine Point 06149. ; Gerber Gator Folding Clip Point Fine Edge 06069. ; Gerber Fast Draw Knife 22-07162 & 22-41672. ; Gerber EVO Jr Knife 22-41492 & 22-01492, What is the difference between the two model numbers whenever they appear with a knife.

  • Charlie Jameson

    I am interested in knowing how long the blades and handles are on the above mentioned knives.

    • Please click on each link I have provided and you will see I have updated the length of the blades and the handles.