FREE Laser Engraving Black Friday

What’s better than getting your friend a Gerber knife with his name engraved on it? Getting your friend’s knife engraved for FREE with our Free Laser Engraving promotion on Black Friday! Beginning now and until the end of the day on Black Friday we are offering free text laser engraving with all orders.

Over the course of this year you guys have called us and asked if we would do free laser engraving like we did last year. The work is hard and the hours are long, especially when doing it free, but we are going to do it again this year because we really appreciate your business! Black Friday sale Black Friday sale

  • I own the GERBER Flik multi-plier.I had a Gerber flat nose tool and do not know the name it got stolen on me.
    The FLICK seams to ware out my sheath because the two black and parts on each handle with buttons seam to wear out my sheath. I had to use my sheath from the old flat nose. The tool got stolen at work and they left the sheath so I used it on my flick and the two black buttons on each side of my flik get caught on my sheath when pulling out. What can I do I work for the DIV. OF MARINE FISH and like the stainless=Salt water. I work on an Island=Plum Island MA. It gets USED HARD! But gets caught every time I pull it out.

    • admin

      Thank you for writing. The Gerber Flik is going to ware a hole in most any sheath that you put it in except for the sheath designed for the Gerber Flik. Take a look at the sheath in this picture, and you can see that there is a little hole in the bottom that allows the plier jaws on the Gerber Flik to protrude slightly so that it doesn’t damage the sheath:
      I think if you got the Gerber Flik with its own sheath you wouldn’t have the problem any more.