Gerber Ripstop Knife FREE with orders over $50 at

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FREE Gerber Ripstop I knife with all orders over $50 at

Gerber Ripstop I Black Knife

Gerber Ripstop I Black Knife

The Gerber Ripstop I has an all stainless steel construction. When opened the knife is 5.75 inches long, yet only weighs 2 ounces. This light weight is a result of the attractive air frame handle. The holes in the handle lighten the knife, and the frame lock eliminates the need to add extra parts to the knife. A pocket clip mounted on the handle is how the knife is carried. The Gerber Ripstop I will come to you razor sharp and ready for a lifetime of use.

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  • Mac

    You said: “A pocket clip is included and how the knife is carried.”

    Does this make sense? “… and how the knife is carried…”

    Better read it again, and perhaps add something like “enhance”?

    Mac, in Bangkok