Valentine’s Day Sale FREE Laser Engraving on Gerber Knives

Our Valentine’s Day Sale:

free laser engraving gerber valentine' day sale

There’s no better way to say “I Love You” than giving the gift of a Gerber knife that has been laser engraved. Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

From now until midnight Sunday night we are offering free text laser engraving on all in-stock Gerber knives. Place your orders over the weekend, then we we get to work Monday and Tuesday we’ll engrave them as quick as we can. We plan to have all orders from this weekend shipped no later than Tuesday afternoon which should be in time for Valentine’s Day, weather permitting of course.

We hope you like 2014 Valentine’s Day Sale!


  • Ray

    I received an email with a valentine promo, as a thank you for a previous purchase. I thought I would take the time to provide you with feedback about the knife I ordered:
    Gerber Instant Knife 30-000752 price 29.99 (order ID GT73574)
    shipping 7.81
    amount spent 37.80

    The knife was very anticipated and VERY disappointing!!!
    It is junk. The video on your site was impressive in the quick action of the assisted opening knife. In reality, it has NO assist and in fact, is very difficult to open, period.
    I was going to return it but after spending almost 40 bucks on junk, I could not justify the additional return shipping cost. Good money after bad.
    I will use the knife as a fixed blade and know that Gerber has NO quality control as a manufacturer and that you, as a retailer, do not examine a product before sending it to a customer.

    • admin

      Thank you for taking the time to submit your comment. Even though it is negative I will post this for all to see. I’m the one that made the video of the Gerber Instant. It along with the mid-sized EVO is one of my favorite
      Gerber knives. The Gerber Instant is assisted opening, and yours should be as well. If it isn’t then did you know that Gerber has a lifetime warranty on this? They will definitely replace the knife, and we will engrave it for you as well.
      We are guilty as charged as to not opening the knives before they ship out. We believe the customer wants the knife in untouched, unaltered condition when they receive it so we do not open the packaging unless the customer has instructed us to laser engrave upon it. Thanks again for your feedback, and please reply if there is anything I can do to help you get that knife exchanged for one that has assisted opening.

  • Ray

    Some items are better purchased in person. I have learned, from this experience, that knives are such an item. A person obviously can not tell if a knife is of quality from a picture, or in this case, your video. I will say again that this GERBER knife is JUNK. It IS an assisted opening knife. That was the entire emphasis in your video. It just DOES NOT OPERATE. It is hard to open at all.
    I also now understand that you, as a retailer, do NOT take care of your customers. You direct them to the company and wash your hands of the problem.
    I will not buy another Gerber knife, nor will I buy from “Two Point Enterprise” again.
    A final thought on what you wrote in your reply…. Your customers would prefer to get a quality product that actually functions properly even if it meant you had “opened the package” to examine what you sell.

    • admin

      We will continue to point people to the manufacturer for the warranty service because that is how Gerber wants to handle it. The Gerber manufacturer is the warranty provider, and not any other single company in the world, including retailers like me, is running Gerber’s warranty department for them. I do not think Gerber would appreciate it if any of us did.
      We will not be opening people’s packages and operating their knives for them. I just don’t think they’d think it would be very cool of us to do so. It is a rare occasion that a Gerber knife is defective so opening everybody’s packages and inspecting them would not be feasible.
      For the second time, the Gerber Instant opens exactly how the video demonstrates. Anything different then the knife is not functioning properly. I have pointed you to how to get this issue fixed. I am sorry to hear that you rather be discontent over a malfunctioning knife rather than take advantage of the lifetime warranty that comes with all Gerber knives.

    • admin

      For the record I would like you to know you have been refunded in full for this knife, and you can keep it. Two Point Enterprise does not want to be part of any transaction where any customer isn’t 100% satisfied.