Laser Engraving on a Gerber Prodigy Knife

Check out the cool laser engraving on this Gerber Prodigy. The customer had some really good graphics to put on this knife. On one side of the knife is a skull surrounded by ammo. On the other side is the ISAF SOF Afghanistan patch. The coating on the knife responded well to the laser and gave of a very vibrant detailed depiction.

Gerber Prodigy with Laser Engraving

Gerber Prodigy with Laser Engraving (click to enlarge)

We use a real YAG laser that uses no chemicals or physical etching. This preserves the surface of your metal and protects it against rust and corrosion.

If you would like engraving on your Gerber knives or multitools contact us at 800.458.1606, or reach us through our website at Laser engraving is perfect for company promotion, groomsmen wedding gifts, or commemorating something important in life. We are a stocking supplier, and our laser engraving machines are owned by us. This means low cost and quick delivery time for you!

  • Kimmo Nordberg

    I am serving at this very moment in Afganistan, in SOF ISAF. I am interested of ordering that laser engraved Gerber Prodigy knife, with on one side a skull surrounded by ammo and on the other side is the ISAF SOF Afghanistan patch. Is that order possible and how it could be done?

    • Thank you for writing. We can do this for you. We still have the artwork on file from the last run. Just put the item in your shopping cart, then add two lines of engraving. Then in the laser engraving instructions state that you want the ISAF SOF artwork just as shown in the blog post. We would be happy to get this all fixed up and sent out to you!